A Mobile application for Stock Trading
Created by TTAGIT Social Networks Inc.

About Phatpen

Phatpen is powered by the patented TTAGIT technology platform. Phatpen lets you trade overtop of the article you are reading without leaving the page.

Phatpen can identify company names and currency symbols on any page and prepare your trade from the page you are reading.

Phatpen also brings up relevant mentions across social channels relating to the article you are reading.

Switching views is a pain when trading and surfing the Internet. Making trades while reading an article online involves changing tabs or even going to applications which distracts from the content of the page you have been focused on reading. And from the time you read a breaking news story to placing your trade, you may have missed the early profit entry. Time is money!

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You can download Phatpen PDF and learn about our project.

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